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Privacy Statement

Tewes Financial Recruitment is an organisation that brings employees and employers together. Therefore, Tewes Financial Recruitment has information relating to both employees and employers. Tewes Financial Recruitment guarantees care and discretion in handling this information, whereby the interests of all parties will be taken into account. Tewes Financial Recruitment has an obligation in respect of taking the greatest possible care to guarantee the privacy of the visitors to the website.

You are welcome to make as many no-obligation visits to the website as you wish to examine the contents. This privacy statement describes which information is collated by Tewes Financial Recruitment via this website and the purpose of this.


Tewes Recruitment likes to keep up to date with the number of visitors to the website. The identity of the visitors is irrelevant here. No specific information is recorded or stored that can be traced back to individual persons. The number of visitors is updated and stored (anonymously), the time of the visits and the country from where the site is visited. Tewes Financial Recruitment can use this information to optimise the website in order to provide the best possible service to the visitor.


Visitors who are interested in the services of Tewes Financial Recruitment and want to register as candidate should mail their CV. Tewes Financial Recruitment uses this information as a basis for introducing candidate to potential employers. No information will be passed on without discussing this with the candidate beforehand.

Candidates who register will receive written confirmation of their registration by post or by e-mail.